After the Christmas Season

Instead of putting your tree out by the curb side for pick up, try one of these ways to recycle your natural Christmas tree.

It's good for the environment... so, it's good for you too!

Use your tree as a backyard bird feeder... hang suet balls and popcorn/cranberry strands from the branches.

Cut into small pieces and use for mulch around your shrubs.

In Nova Scotia, trees are often used to protect sand dunes from erosion.

Use THIS year's tree, cut into small chunks and pieces, to start next year's FIRST holiday fire.

Leave your wreath up to turn a lovely shade of auburn and then...

  • use the needles in a fragrant sachet.
  • Cut up and put in your compost pile
  • Use the tree as a bean (or pea) support pole. Sharpen the trunk and drive it into the ground - by summertime your tree will be covered with growing bean or pea vines and it will be "alive" again.